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Ryan Sallans, activist and author, transitioned from female to male in 2005 and has recounted his life experiences in his newly released memoir, Second Son: Transitioning Toward My Destiny, Love and Life.

Since he began he has been committed to education surrounding medical, legal and social issues related to the transgender community. This blog serves as a guide and resource for individuals seeking guidance in the transgender community or for friends, family, lovers and partners who are eager to learn more about how a transition may impact the individual's life and those around them.

He has maintained a transition website since 2005 with the goal of helping others through his story and experiences. People can visit his site at: http://www.ryansallans.com
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Getting ready to spend the day educating students and professionals around the state of NE on working with LGBTQ youth.

"Earlier this week, Denmark moved beyond this inhumane legal logic when its new gender recognition law came into effect. Under the new policy, trans people in the country are now only required to fill out some paperwork in order to receive a new social security number and accompanying personal documentation for their gender. Medical intervention, including surgery, psychological diagnosis, and official statements, are no longer necessary prerequisites—in Denmark, gender identification is now based solely on self-determination…"


"the minimum age requirement is 18, and there is a six-month waiting period after which time applicants must confirm their request for new documents. "

- I personally see the age requirement and six month waiting period to be detrimental to the transgender community. This new law completely ignores youth and now forces adults to wait even longer to gain new legal documents. Leaving out the need for medical intervention is helpful, but creating other barriers still makes it difficult for folks.

I am the T, an FTM documentary is a film that will portray the stories of trans men from a variety of cultural backgrounds.

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Nebraska’s state Capitol. Pretty and ominous at the same time.

Amazon’s Transparent Is Great Television in Transition

Read Diane Anderson-Minshall’s article on this new Amazon series here

Taking Care of Transgender Elders

"January 2, 2014 was a cold day in New York City and Tanya Walker remembers it well. The 51-year-old had surgery that day after being diagnosed with lung cancer. “I was homebound, and the weather was so cold I couldn’t breathe outside,” she explains. 

As a black trans woman, Walker was in an unenviable position. Aside from structural barriers that create disproportionate obstacles to healthcare, Walker doesn’t have much family support in New York.  But she hasn’t had to face her illness alone.  

Walker says she started coughing up blood about a year ago, and soon visited a doctor. After blood work and several scans, she was diagnosed with Stage Three lung cancer and told that she would need an operation, chemotherapy and radiation. A longtime member of the Audre Lorde Project (ALP), Walker says she brought up her diagnosis to her fellow members. “And all of the sudden they said, ‘Why don’t we get together as a community and help Tanya out through this illness?’”

Being transgender means one is more likely to suffer poverty, homelessness and criminalization. The violence carried out upon trans and gender non-conforming people lowers their life expectancy. But for those who do make it to middle age, there’s little in the way of resources for housing, employment and healthcare. As an active part of New York’s trans community, however, Tanya Walker says she got the support she needed. And a lot of it came through ALP.”

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The Supreme Court has formally added same-sex marriage cases to the justices’ agenda for their closed-door conference on Sept. 29.

The action Wednesday does not mean that the court will decide that day to hear state appeals of lower court rulings that struck down bans on same-sex marriage. But the late September conference will be the first time the justices have the issue before them. The meeting will be the justices’ first since late June.

Just received my personal copy of the new book, It Happened To Me: Eating Disorders the ultimate teen guide by Jessica Greene. Honored to have one if my essays included in the book!

That moment when a storm forces you to stay over in a city, not your own, sans extra clothing, toothbrush, and other toiletry items. Target to the rescue.

Being Trans and the Locker Room Dilemma

It’s one of those things that most people take for granted, unless perhaps they have body image issues, were traumatized/bullied as a kid or identify as transgender. It’s one of those things that is part of our daily lives when we are kids and depending on our lifestyle, also as adults.
So what is the big, “it?”

Locker rooms. 

Some people may feel slightly uncomfortable when entering locker…

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