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Ryan Sallans, activist and author, transitioned from female to male in 2005 and has recounted his life experiences in his newly released memoir, Second Son: Transitioning Toward My Destiny, Love and Life.

Since he began he has been committed to education surrounding medical, legal and social issues related to the transgender community. This blog serves as a guide and resource for individuals seeking guidance in the transgender community or for friends, family, lovers and partners who are eager to learn more about how a transition may impact the individual's life and those around them.

He has maintained a transition website since 2005 with the goal of helping others through his story and experiences. People can visit his site at: http://www.ryansallans.com
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Buzzfeed has just posted a quick tutorial on 

"Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Transgender People But Were Afraid To Ask"

My good friend informed me they used my image on one of their slides.

I wouldn’t exactly say these slides cover EVERYTHING, but I’m happy to see more conversations happening and more points of view on how to work with language. 

We need more people doing this whether they are trans or cis. 

Good work Buzz Feed!

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    ugh…I appreciate for what they’re going for here, but its hard for me to endorse this article cause I disagree with so...
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    Ryan Sallans and Buzzfeed. some of my favorite things.
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  14. hilaird said: Nice of you to be understanding about the uncredited use of your photo(s), but it seems to me that a little tutorial via email, regarding proper etiquette as applied to photo use, might be in order.
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    This does cover some good stuff, and is important for people to read. [but it kinda sucks they used at least one, if not...
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