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Ryan Sallans, activist and author, transitioned from female to male in 2005 and has recounted his life experiences in his newly released memoir, Second Son: Transitioning Toward My Destiny, Love and Life.

Since he began he has been committed to education surrounding medical, legal and social issues related to the transgender community. This blog serves as a guide and resource for individuals seeking guidance in the transgender community or for friends, family, lovers and partners who are eager to learn more about how a transition may impact the individual's life and those around them.

He has maintained a transition website since 2005 with the goal of helping others through his story and experiences. People can visit his site at: http://www.ryansallans.com
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Currently in the state of Nebraska a person can be legally fired for being LGBTQ or being perceived as LGBTQ. Nebraska isn’t the only state where there are lack of protections for LGBTQ citizens, in fact currently in the United States there are 17 states (plus DC) that ban discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity and 4 states that ban discrimination based on sexual orientation alone, so this means there are 29 states still without ANY protections. 

In the above video, C Styles Balta and his mom share their story of seeking equality and protections. Thanks ACLU Nebraska for assisting us in this work toward social justice. 

Verizon is the most recent company to announce that they will add gender identity/expression to their nondiscrimination policy thanks to the advocacy and work completed by the Unitarian Universalist Association.

Other companies the UUA has had successful campaigns to push to adopt non-discrimination language, include The Home Depot, Travelers Insurance, Procter & Gamble, Family Dollar, Lowe’s, Dr Pepper Snapple Group, and Walmart.


I’ve posted on this story regarding Baltimore County, Maryland last week after an amendment was introduced that would have exempted bathrooms, locker rooms and dressing rooms from a new measure that would add transgender individuals as protected under the county’s nondiscrimination policy.

Yesterday the city council voted to pass the nondiscrimination policy, and fortunately, DID NOT pass the crappy amendment. The only thing that concerns me now is this statement, “the council left the bathroom issue open to interpretation in the legislation, amending the measure so that the protections do not apply to “distinctly private or personal” facilities.”

What the heck are “distinctly private and personal facilities”?


I am happy to announce that the Obama Administration has come through again for the LGBT community with the announcement of federal housing protection through Housing and Urban Development. A quote from the article says: Secretary Donovan stated “Today, I am proud to announce a new Equal Access to Housing Rule that says clearly and unequivocally that LGBT individuals and couples have the right to live where they choose.”

I worked as a real estate agent for three years before letting my license go to focus my energy on writing, but during that time as an agent, it pained me to know that people in the LGBT weren’t protected under federal or state anti-discrimination clauses in regard to housing and job protection.

This new ruling pertains to federally funded housing, so we still have to fight at the state level. Want to know how your state ranks? Check out your state